Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bright's Creek Responses

Sending out our very first post on our very first blog. We ask for everyone's patience as we and other novice members learn the ins and outs of blogging. We welcome any tips from seasoned bloggers.

We received quite a few replies by email and phone. We thank you for all your kind words and for sharing your thoughts and concerns. We will not be blogging emails received as we feel they are sent confidentially. However, whomever wants to speak publicly can blog it directly or post their e-mail.  If easier for you, email us what you would like to post and we will post for you.  We will only post emails you give us permission to post.

The general theme of all responses is an overriding concern for the lack of communication. In fact some members started a LinkedIn group. We have invited them to post the particulars on this blog.

We have heard many comments from members which we do not want to post due to the fact it is hard to verify the information. All members, however, are free to post their own concerns for all to read and to comment on. There are many rumors regarding BC, most likely due to the fact that the members has been kept in the dark for so long.

Please forward this information on to all members so we can have a well rounded discussion of all members. Everyone's input is important.  We also welcome comments from PHL and PAR.

David Dawson & Yolanda Ludington
Originally Charter Members
Lot # 209A
Harrison Twp, MI

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Opening Letter

To all concerned,

My wife, Yolanda, and I are attempting to facilitate communication with all involved with Bright's Creek Golf Club.  We have forwarded this email to all email addresses we had available to us, management and member. 

We feel there has been an insufficient forum for members to hear, voice, and share information regarding the current and future state of the club. We have made several inquiries to Bright's Creek regarding this concern, but no action has been taken
During the phone calls placed with Bright's Creek, my wife asked for live and/or recorded webinars for those, such as ourselves, that could not attend the meetings.  This request was denied. She also had suggested the creation of a web page or other link/blog to direct members to and allow them to voice their thoughts, ideas, and concerns openly to all, with no results.  During one call, Yolanda asked for updated email addresses of all the members and was told such email addresses were private and could not be given without violation of the person's right to remain anonymous.  Responding to this, Yolanda suggested that management send out an email to all members allowing members who had no issue with privacy to have their email addresses made accessible. This suggestion was acknowledged, but no action was taken. 
In reviewing our old documents from Bright's Creek, we came upon an the original Membership Book for 2006.  That Membership Book included everyone's name and email addresses and also their mailing addresses and phone numbers.  We would like it if the present management/owners could provide all Bright's Creek Club members an updated membership book.  It would also be helpful if it included each members lot number or Bright's Creek address and membership status. 

We've also been concerned about the lack of representation for each and every member of Bright's Creek, regardless of where they live.  I previously sent emails to Mr. Mays, the Association Manager for Town and Country Property Management.  I had suggested that the Advisory Board needs to be representative of all its members and not just local members/homeowner to be a fair and successful.  In this modern communication age, it would be fairly easy for a person in New York or Ontario to voice their opinions.  No response was ever received from Mr. Mays with respect to those emails.

According to the 2006 Membership Book, Bright's Creek has members in 21 states and the District of Columbia, along with two additional countries.  Approximately 132 members reside in North/South Carolina and the remaining 100 members reside in the other 19 states and countries.  It is my opinion that having only local members/homeowners on the board as advisors is an arrangement doomed to fail.  We believe input and votes from all members throughout the country is the judiciously responsible approach to proper resolution.  Unfortunately, we all have different opinions, yet we all need to be considered and united.
Through the past years we have been flooded with new information from many different sources. At this time, we are under the assumption that Preserve Homes and Land has purchased all of the Bright's Creek properties.  We want to know who will be handling the management, and to be provided with an updated directory showing the title and contact information of the members of the Property Owners Association, Staff, Golf Club, Realty Sales, and other Bright's Creek entities to be provided for all members.

We would like to suggest to owners/management that a private forum page be added to our website for members only.  Formatted in such a way that the voices and concerns of all members can be voiced and viewed providing a free exchange of opinions an ideas at all times.  The goal being a complete and honest flow of information to all for all to view

For now we have started a temporary blog at .   

We welcome anyone to voice their thoughts and ideas there or contact us directly.

David Dawson and Yolanda Ludington, Owners of Lot # 209A

32460 N River Rd                   
Harrison Twp, MI 48045
H 586 948 9003

David Dawson                         Yolanda Ludington
M 586-817-2434                      M 586 344 9984